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Entimos ~ ἔντιμος (en’-tee-mos) - adj; held in honor, precious; highly valued, distinguished, noble

Entimos Coffee Roasters started because two guys believed people shouldn’t drink bad coffee. Roasting separately, it wasn’t long before Matt and Tim began exchanging notes on roast profiles and critiquing each other’s coffee. This collaboration caught the interest of friends and family. Soon they began receiving requests for fresh roasted coffee and Entimos Coffee Roasters was born.

Entimos stands on the conviction that coffee is a sensory experience from the time it is planted in the ground until it is tasted in the cup. The same bean roasted one day will taste different the next; from one brewed method to another it will develop subtleties in flavor. There is no single cup that is the “best” coffee. This is what makes coffee so exceptional. The unique experience found in each sip is what drives us to find and roast coffee, giving attention to every detail so that we can share that same experience with others.

As a micro roaster in this wonderful coffee community, our goal is to candidly focus on only a few coffees at a time. Throughout the month we will sample various roast profiles and give you the opportunity to participate with us.

Your coffee will never sit on a grocery store shelf waiting to be purchased. All of our online sales of coffee are roasted and shipped within 24 hours.

It is our goal to educate consumers about the superiority of fresh, single-origin coffee, and contribute to the ongoing conversation, development and improvements in the specialty coffee industry.

Papua New Guinea Obura Wanonara


Papua New Guinea Obura Wanonara


Papua New Guinea Obura Wanonara


Tasting Notes: Green Tea, Jasmine, Apricot

This is a very balanced coffee with good acidity and a lighter mouthfeel on the initial taste. The finish on this PNG is a juicy apricot characteristic. 



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This is a PNG, A/X quality coffee was processed at the Bebes Washing Station. Sero Bebes is the owner of the washing station which he has be running since 2010. Sero owns a 34 HA plantation that was planted in 1968.

ORIGIN: Papua New Guinea

REGION: Eastern Highlands

PRODUCER: Various Small Producers